Using Status Field in Case Info to trigger Fasttrack- Creating pop up window with base date to be entered by user instead of Trialworks automatically using day that status is changed by user as date to base associated tasks

Trialworks has recently permitted changing the Status of Case on the Case Info tab to trigger or create a Fasttrack through linking.  However, the FastTrack is automatically based upon the day the user changes the field and not a base date. 

Example 1: If we get a Trial Date assigned in 270 days from today's date, a Trial fast track is applied for deadlines for a) discovery, b) expert designation, c) depositions,  and d) dispositive motions, all of which are based off that Trial Date with a negative date from the Trial Date entered for each deadline, NOT the date the user changes the Status of case. 

Example 2:  We file suit and the filed complaint doesn't get sent back to our office from the Clerk's Office until 5 days later.  Our Fast Track for Litigation is based off the filing date in regards to a) deadline for service of process in 60 days; b) reissuance of the Summons deadline in 90 days; c)  Answer due when service of process effectuated and d) Reply due when Answer filed.

As it is now, you have to Reapply the FastTrack after changing status and enter the base date.  Can a window pop up when the Case Info Status Field is changed, noting FastTrack applied with a base date field highlighted so that a base date can be entered upon which the deadlines to do a task are then consequently created sequentially?  This eliminates the additional step of Reapplying and a staff member forgetting to apply this step out of forgetfulness or being interrupted.

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  • Aug 16 2019
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